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"Law matters because it keeps us safe.
because it protects our most fundamental
rights and freedoms,
and because it is the foundation
of our democracy."

--Justice, Elena Kagan

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Incarcerations in Black and White:
The Subjugation of Black America explores
the economic continuum of slavery from the
emancipation of slaves, through convict
leasing and peonage to the
U.S. prison system in the 21st Century.


Dr. Christi M. Griffin

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“The vision of The Ethics Project is a less punitive society that recognizes and encourages the talents and abilities of all. We strive daily to create a more just and equitable society that begins with raising the bar on ethics – in the workplace, classrooms, courtrooms and police departments.”


Click the above image for our full brochure then help us make this vision a reality around the country by supporting The National Youth Summit, Mother 2 Mother, Father 2 Father, the Police and Pastor Lunches and other important tools to address injustice and heal the racial divide. Be a part of a national movement to heal the impact of crime and injustice. Become an associate of The Ethics Project and support ongoing research, public education, workshops, and Consortiums of Agencies and Ministries of those who serve populations most affected by crime and incarceration. All information remains anonymous unless otherwise requested.




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For a donation of $20 or more, request your copy of Incarcerations in Black and White, The Subjugation of Black America by The Ethics Project’s Founder and President, Dr. Christi Griffin




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