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 NOVEMBER 12th, 13th, and 14th, 2017

Join us for The National Youth Summit at Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA. For more information, click TheNYS image below.





Tune into your local PBS station for the documentary “The Talk” that will air nationally on February 20, 2017. Dr. Griffin and Mothers and Father from Mother 2 Mother and Father 2 Father will be featured in this critical examination of excessive us of force by police.



Mary Mother of the Church



Mother 2 Mother are conversations of African American mothers to White mothers about “The Talk” with their Black Sons. The purpose of Mother 2 Mother is to expose a community of women to the dangers and reality of raising Black sons in America regardless of the socio-economic status achieved. Together with Father 2 Father, Man 2 Man, and Parent 2 Parent, Conversations have been held in 20 venues, including the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, TN. A documentary filmed by PBS called, “The Talk” will be aired nationally in early 2017.

The Conversations are free and open to the public. Donations may be made at



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The National Youth Summit on Education, Justice and the US Economy: The Leadership Academy in Washington DC

2016 -01-15 & 16

The National Youth Summit on Education, Justice, and the US Economy: The Leadership Academy was held on January  14th and 15th, 2016, in Washington, DC, at The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and Howard University. The two-day summit offered more than 450 student leaders from cities across the United States an exceptional opportunity  to work with leading educators, justice professionals, and economists to learn strategies for addressing issues of educational policy, mass incarceration, and academic excellence.






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Parent 2 Parent at the National Civil Rights Museum

April 16 – 2016


In an effort to bridge the racial and generational gaps and to end police conflicts, killings, and injustices across the country, a dialogue among affected ethnicities has emerged. The Ethics Projects in partnership with the National Civil Rights Museum presents, “Parent 2 Parent,” a conversation of black parents to other ethnic groups about “the talk” with their black sons and daughters as they share their experience on being Black in America.

Saturday, April 16, 2016 • 5 -7pm
National Civil Rights Museum • Hooks Hyde Hall
450 Mulberry Street • Memphis, TN 38103

Free and open to the public

Followed by a reception with the panelists. Filmed for a documentary.
Moderator: Dr. Christi Griffin, Founder & President of The Ethics Project, St. Louis, MO
Panelists: Tango Jackson, Nadida Tuhada Amatullla-Matin, Tony Neal and Mohammad Kamal


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The National Youth Summit on Education, Justice, and the US Economy: Facing Challenges of 21st Century Youth


The National Youth Summit on Education, Justice and the US Economy: Facing Challenges of 21st Century Youth is an intensive, two-day summit that brought together over 400 talented and intellectually gifted student leaders from cities and communities across the United States to work with more than 30 leading educators, social justice experts and economists to examine the school to prison pipeline, create a model of discipline based on inherent strengths and develop innovative economic strategies not dependent

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Mother 2 Mother – A conversation with Black mothers to White about the talk they have with their sons

April 24, 2015  @ Fontbonne University

M2M-Ethical society


Face 2 Face – A conversation with Black men to legislators and policy makers about the challenges faced being Black in America

2015 – 2 – 28


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From Selma to St. Louis: An Intergenerational Session


The Honorable Betty Thompson, Dr. Christi Griffin and young protest leaders hosted Dr. Bernard Lafayette, chief organizer of the Selma Voter Registration Movement, Freedom Rider, National Director of the War on Poverty under Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, and current Distinguished Professor  at Emory University, and Chairman of the Board of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference for a community forum at Washington Tabernacle Church three months following the killing of Michael Brown.



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2014 – 9- 24

Following the killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri the Ethics Project hosted a breakfast meeting at St. Louis Union Station with local clergy, protest leaders and heads of law-enforcement. In attendance was former Chief Dan Isom, then Director of the Missouri Department of Public Safety, Captain Ron Johnson, head of the unified forces during the Ferguson Protest, and Chief John Belmar, St. Louis County Police Department, Rev. Rodney Francis, Rev. C. Jessel Strong, then President of the Clergy Coalition, Cheeraz Gorman, organizer, Rev. Traci Blackmon, pastor, and now UCC Acting Minister of Justice, and White House Appointee, Rev. Shaun Jones, Rev. Tommie Pierson and Rev. Shaun Jones and Law Professor Justin Hansford. At the request of Director Isom, the ad hoc committee on policing was formed and met weekly with area specialists and law enforcement officials.





The founder and president of The Ethics Project, Dr. Christi Griffin, read excerpts from and discussed her most recent book, Incarcerations in Black and White: The Subjugation of Black America at the Central Library in St. Louis. The book has also been discussed on several radio programs and university events. Books are available for donations to The Ethics Project of $20 or more


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Rosewood to O’Fallon: A Look at Black Wealth in America


From Rosewood to O;Fallon: A Look at Black Wealth in America. An all-star panel and participants explored the correlation between the once burgeoning communities of Rosewood and the Black Wall Street to the North St. Louis neighborhoods of Wellston, The Ville, O’Fallon and College Hill. The program attracted a broad section of the community and left standing room only in the conference room of Schlafly Library.


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Race, Gender and Violence: A Conversation at the St. Louis Art Museum


On December 13, 2013, at 6:00 p.m. The Ethics Project hosted a tour of select works of art at the St. Louis Art Museum. Following a guided tour of works that included African American artist, Kara Walker, the tour ended with a conversation on race, gender, and violence in the gallery displaying the works by German artist, Martin Kippenberger.


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Incarcerations in Black and White

As part of The Missouri History Museum’s 68 Exhibit and The Museum’s Avenues to Activism events, The Ethics Project presented a panel discussion and photo exhibit on Incarcerations in Black and White that depicted the impact that incarcerations have on African American children, families and others in impoverished communities. The event preceded that of nationally acclaimed author of The New Jim Crow, Michelle Alexander.


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Incarcerations in Black and White: The Subjugation of Black America


Incarcerations in Black and White: The Subjugation of Black America explores the economic continuum of slavery from the emancipation of slaves through convict leasing and peonage to the U.S. prison system in the 21st Century. The author identifies key players in a system that has grossed billions of dollars by trafficking human beings through a corrupt and broken system. It discloses the use of lobbying and other influence to garner contracts from state and federal governments.Unknown
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Youth Violence Forum


Youth Gun Forum, From Newtown to Our Town. A panel discussion and Q&A held at Washington Tabernacle Church on the increase of gun violence among teens and young adults.


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Church and Society Lecture Series – Washington Tabernacle MB Church


Washington Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church August lecture series on Church and Society
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St. Louis County Police And Pastors Lunch



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St. Louis City Police And Pastors Lunch



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A Morning with U.S. Ambassador Andrew Young -Awakening History



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Daughter of Malcolm X at Riverview Garden High School



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The Youth Gang Summit held in each of the four St. Louis Public Schools’ Comprehensive High Schools, Beaumont, Sumner, Vashon and Roosevelt and culminating in a joint summit, was launched with weeks of work with Youth Leadership Corps formed in each of the schools.  Author, CNN commentator, national speaker and former inmate, Victor Woods, was the keynote speaker at the joint summit at Mildred Bastian Theater at Forst Park Comunity College.


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In preparation of the upcoming Youth Gang Summits, thirteen students from four St. Louis Public High Schools were hand chosen by fellow classmates to attend a half day “board” meeting to plan details of the summits. The summits were held in each of their high schools with an all-school summit held before Summer break.

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