Incarcerations in Black and White: The Subjugation of Black America explores the economic continuum of slavery from the emancipation of slaves, through convict leasing and peonage to the U.S. prison system in the 21st Century.

The author identifies key players in a system that has grossed billions of dollars by trafficking human beings through a corrupt and broken system. It discloses the use of lobbying and other influence to garner contracts from state and federal governments. Startling in the brazenness in which the prison system has evolved, Incarcerations in Black and White unveils glaring statistics that prove prisons do little more than shatter the lives of millions of Americans and set countless children on paths of trauma, violence, addiction and crime. Once the number one country in education and a world leader in space and technology, the United States has fallen substantially in educational ranking in the world. In stark contrast, the United States has garnered the number one position in incarcerating its citizens.

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